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Hologram Professor - Technological omnipresence

Actualizado: 14 may 2023

Can you imagine interacting, on real time, with a lecturer that is effectively located thousand of miles away?...

Who has not wished, at some point in life, that they could be present in two places at once?

With the Hologram Professor doing this is actually possible…

At Rebel Business School we want to continue strengthening the entrepreneurial spirit and creating impact in the lives of thousands of entrepreneurs around the country. This is why we are constantly investigating and exploring new technologies that will allow us to offer high quality business education through creative and innovative means.

Today we arrived at CESA University with the Hologram Professor, a technology brought to Colombia in an Alliance with the Tecnológico de Monterrey from México, a proposal that will allow us to reach many places at the same time, even those that are hard to access, in order to help more people to transform their lives through entrepreneurship.

This new technology allows us to...

- Humanise virtual education

- Recreate a real classroom environment, with the anthropologically correct image of the lecturer in the classroom itself

- Recreate the dynamics of a classroom through a virtual environment in which students can interact in real time

- Awake emotions and feeling that allow students to increase their concentration levels and attention spans during the class

Do you want to implement the Hologram Professor technology and exponentiate the learning opportunities within your community?

Contact us at:

UK +44 07 444 349 695 Colombia

+57 312 4585722

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